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Industrial Services

Range of Services

Energy Auditing

In the base of designing of sustainable solutions for reducing of energy consumption is the performance of professional energy audit.

Thanks of the long term experience of our energy and process experts, vast number of high-end and precise measurement equipment, as well as our partnership with proven professionals and technologists in different production processes, we can offer our customers an in-depth and detailed energy efficiency audit of each production machine, line, workshop, and building or of entire enterprise.

In addition, stepping-on on our good knowledge of the methodology for generating aggregate and synthesized balances of mass and energy flows in production processes, our audits detail the points and tools for proper measurement, as well as the algorithm for analyzing direct and indirect results that may to serve as a basis for the development of an integrated system for active energy management.

Conceptual Engineering

When engineering a conceptual design for a successful solution, it is particularly important, from one side, to choose and combine reliable, quality technology and equipment, as well as and to thoroughly analyze the economic cost-effectiveness of the concept, from the other side. In this regard, our long-standing partnership with the world's leading manufacturers of equipment and different building or construction materials, as well as engineering and design offices, enables us to choose the best of the best available technology and at the most attractive prices for our customers.

Our vast experience and a good understanding of the peculiarities of the comparative technical-economic analysis, that has been gained in the development of hundreds of concepts over the years, helps us to offer the most reliable, energy efficient and cost-effective technology solution for every project.



Precise and detailed design is critical to the successful implementation of any construction or modernization project.

For this reason, we have created a team of highly qualified engineers, familiar with both the features of the equipment we offer and the use of state-of-the-art design software.

Based on the trust we have built, in the preparation of the design on our projects, we also use the help from engineers of equipment manufacturers as well as from proven design offices.

All this gives us the opportunity to offer our clients not only a perfect design but also the correct final price.

In the interest of our customers, we also can use our experience in preparation of 3D designs that not only help to better understand, but also lead to a significant reduction in build, montage or installing time.



The procurement of the right materials and equipment for the project's execution often is not so easy task.

Let we take care of it, because first - we know "Who-is-Who" on the field of manufacturing and sales of build, construction and installations materials and equipment and second, which is more important, thanks to our good, long-term partnerships with them, we can offer more attractive purchase prices.


Construction & Installing

For the successful execution of the construction and installation works on any investment project three key factors are very important - the organization, skilled personnel and state-of-art tools.

We have all of them and the evidence for that are our references, from satisfied customers, for well-done work on hundreds projects all over the World.



Who can commissioning better, faster and troubles free, from this who engineer, design, deliver and install the system?

Of Course, based on our long year experience and trustful partnership with manufacturers, we can perform successful commissioning of almost any industrial installations, even in cases, when we had not participating the previous execution steps.


Service & Maintenance

Through use of our experience, trained personnel and high quality tools, accumulated in the years of execution of construction and installation works in vast number of industrial and commercial facilities, we can offer as well the reliable and beneficial maintenance & service of yours installations or production systems.

For us will be great honor we to become business partner for the whole life cycle of your equipment.


Modernization & Upgrading

If you want or have a need to reach the newest production standards, to increase volume or to launch new products, to reduce your energy consumption or from whatever other reason, we can be your trustful partner in all steps of modernization or /and upgrading of your production equipment, line of machines, facilities or entire plant.

You can rely on our experience, which can be proofed with refer to our numerous references.



Our knowledge in performance of cost-effectiveness analysis of the many designed and executed from us investment projects, combined with our experience in the construction of compact, on-skid or containerized solutions for energy production, supply and distribution, as well as the economical most beneficial systems and installations can help you in securing of financing of your investment projects.

In addition we can offer different types of indirect financing, through as called "Contract with Guaranteed Results" such as: ESCo (Energy Saving Contract), PPA (Power Purchase Agreement), ESL (Energy Saving Leasing) and etc.