The competence is our passion!

  • Wide range of unique photovoltaic panels, specially designed for easy and aesthetic integration in buildings: μc-Si tandem modules – framed, frameless, semi-transparent, opaque, in different colors and customized sizes, bifacial, non-glare - for roof integration, curtain walls, canopy, skylight, vertical shields and etc.

  • Based on internal combustion engines or gas turbine – perfect solution for buildings with constant heat demand, like hospitals, swimming pools, spa centers and etc.

  • Integrated high energy efficient and renewable solutions for heating, cooling and domestic hot water, for internal or external montage.

  • An absorption chiller based cooling systems for utilization of heat from different sources: District and central heating Systems, Thermo-solar systems, Waste heat.

  • A paint with nano spheres for external and internal applications - extremely light, space and time saving solution to save energy in your building or pipework with 1 mm only robust, aesthetic, waterproof but breathing insulation of walls, floors, ceilings or facades.

  • Light, reinforced with steel, polystyrene building blocks and auxiliary elements for very fast erection of high energy efficient and seismic resistance buildings in any architectural design

  • Standard radiant heating

    Heating with aluminium panel

    Temperature distribution

  • Systems for NATURAL lighting – the modern solution to collect, transfer and use in building premises of natural light – without needs of big windows or roof openings, respectively to achieve great light comfort with less energy losses and consumption.

  • A range of Full-DC Solar Inverter Air Conditioners – The air conditioners directly powered by Photovoltaic panel with DC current – hybrid or 100% off-grid – an elegant, low-cost solution for direct use of solar power.


  • Compact, easy to install, units for refreshing room air with up to 85% regeneration of energy in exhaust air. No air ducts, integrated dust filters, silent, with built in humidity sensor, remote control.

  • A non-colored transparent paint with nanospheres for external and internal coating of glass – up to 80% visible light transmission when shuts off 90% of ultraviolet ray and infrared ray by about 70% - an unique way of energy saving, but preserving in same time visual light comfort in the buildings.

  • For construction of aesthetic and environmental friendly, energy efficient homes, restaurants, hotels, offices and etc.

  • Easy to install, upgrade and use systems for building automation, energy consumption monitoring and control, with integrated security appliances (smoke, flood and anti-theft sensors and hidden cameras)